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Family photo:
Please upload a square photograph (identical width and height) that shows all of the applicants that intend to participate in the Nauvoo Pageant. Note: The image can be JPG or PNG, but MUST be smaller than 1MB (1024KB) in size. First Click on the "Browse for local photo" button and choose the picture. Once the picture file's name appears between the two buttons, click on "Upload Photo" and your picture should appear.
If nothing happens when you click "Upload", your picture is bigger than 1MB.
Please resize it smaller than 1MB and try again. If you need help resizing, please Email your picture to and we will resize and upload it for you. You could also try one of the various free online cropping and resizing websites such as, or Don't give up! You are almost done! You can re-upload pictures as many times as you like and replace the previous upload.