Welcome to the Nauvoo Pageant Application. Applications are open for all casts from Sep 1 - Oct 31 each year for the following summer pageant. We hope to see you in Nauvoo!

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Current Pageant Cast & Staff: If you are a current pageant cast or staff member who is returning to complete tasks, log in below using the same credentials you used when you originally applied to serve.

New Pageant Applicants: If you were instructed to apply outside of the Sep 1 - Oct 31 timeframe, please create a login below to proceed to the pageant application.

Memorabilia Orders: One last chance! Order by Noon CST on Tuesday June 25, 2024. We invite all Nauvoo Missionaries (Current IHS, Temple & NPM): Please create a login and password below to continue.

Login & Password Notes: If you don't already have an account, please use the "Registration Page" link below. Your email username is case sensitive so we suggest using all lower case letters in the username (email). If you forgot your password, use the "Reset Password" link below. Questions? email thenauvoopageant@gmail.com or call the pageant mission couple at 217-453-2429.